Business Success Stories


"It’s great to enjoy ALL weekends off!"

"Plexus has blessed my life tremendously! I began using the products in January 2011. By year end not only had I lost 120 lbs, but from working the business very part-time I made a full-time income. Quite a nice additional income for a single mom of 3. I had been working a full-time day job and two part-time jobs at night and every weekend to pay the bills. Thanks to Plexus I have been able to keep our home, stop working the two part-time jobs, and not struggle financially. It’s great to enjoy all my weekends off"

- Janet F.


"So blessed to be a small part of the Plexus family"

“My wife, Julie, and I are so blessed to be a small part of the Plexus family. God willing we will keep climbing the ladder of success with this company. Our goal was to lose weight and make at least enough extra money a month to pay for the orthodontist bill for our two kids. So far I’ve been able to lose 36 pounds and Julie has lost 25 pounds in a few short months. The money side of things is a huge blessing also. We won’t have a problem covering that orthodontist bill!”

- Brent F.


"I was able to purchase a house and a new car"

“A friend introduced me to Plexus in 2007. I was very broke, but I borrowed money to get started, and at the same time sent my daughter to a private school in Nashville. My expenses were huge - not to mention I had gained weight and my blood pressure was so high that I was put on medication. 

So I tried Plexus Slim and loved it!!! I was so excited to get other people on board. Then, I got my first check… I can't stress to you how wonderful that was. Then it doubled, then doubled again, and it just kept on growing. Again, I am really at a loss for words. This past year I was able to purchase a house and a new car. I have lost 26 lbs. and no longer take my blood pressure medicine. These are just a few examples of how Plexus has changed my life.“

- Libby C.


"Plexus has been a blessing to me and my entire family"

“Plexus has been a blessing to me and my entire family. Before Plexus, I was literally living pay check to pay check not knowing if I would have enough money to pay my rent the next month or not. Since Obesity, breast cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes run in my family, I was eager to get started. Plexus was new to my area and I had to work hard to get it out to the public. I started out weighing 284 pounds and I am now 60 pounds and over 32 inches lighter. That is 3 shirt sizes and 4 pant sizes."

- Angie H.


- Keith E.

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